prelude learning solutions

We help your business develop and implement learning solutions that are fit for purpose for your business. Whether it is developing completely new training modules, enhancing your existing offering or building a complete online e-learning experience for your staff, we are here to help.

learning solutions

e-learning solutions

We provide you with a comprehensive e-learning solution, including learner registration, course management and testing and exams. We take away the hassles of learning development and hosting by providing a secure, effective and intuitive Learning Management System for your business. Let us help you grow and develop your people.

training development

We will never claim to be experts in your business, but we know a thing or to about developing effective learning and development courses. We take your rough or ready content and convert it into learning modules that will make you proud to own and provide to your staff. Whether hardcopy, electronic, or a combination, we build professional training base on your content and your needs.

project Management

We provide you with the tools, techniques and templates required to run your projects. Alternatively we will manage your projects for you. We offer project administration and project management services. Projects that deliver on time, within budget and at the expected quality.

process optimisation

Whether your business processes need re-engineering, enhancement, better documentation or even simplification, we are here to help. We help you to build mature business processes, including automation if needed. We offer process documentation and even training to your staff. Business that runs better.

Why use us?

we partner with you

We are happy to deliver exactly what you want and walk away, but our preferred approach is to build partnerships with our clients. We strive to build ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We believe that our success is entirely depended on your success.


Our associates come with extensive experience in their respective fields. We are highly qualified practitioners who have worked in large corporate environments and can bring all that experience to bare on your business, without asking you big corporate fees. We offer best in class advice at affordable prices.

We believe in fit for purpose

We provide solutions that are in line with your business requirements. We don't sell volume, we sell value. We work with you to determine your needs and requirements, and then we deliver on that. We don't believe in pressure sales, in fact we despise that. We leave it up to you to decide how much you want from us. We only take on work where we can add value.

we innovate

We thrive on being innovative in solving business challenges. Our associates share a passion for doing things differently. We look at your business differently than you would, and we will come up with fresh ideas and recommendations for making your business better. We provide a fresh, outside-in perspective.

Our Values


We believe in a simple philosophy of integrity - Do the write thing, even if no one is watching

mutual Respect

We respect you and expect you to respect us, no matter what our differences may be - we can collectively solve problems if we respect each other


No matter what you do or attempt to do, if you are passionate enough about it you will succeed

about us

We are a network of associates

Our associates are all experts in their fields with on average 20+ years experience in multinational corporates across the globe. This enables us to put the right person in front of you once we understand your requirements. We bring the A-team to every engagement, and our goodwill lies in our people and our reputation.


Think of us as having access to one of the Big 4 consulting firms, without the price tag. Our associate model allows us to call on the right expertise at the right time for the right job. We can price our service very competitively because we don't have the overheads of a permanent workforce.  We simply mobilise the right team, based on your requirements. Our expertise spans a very broad spectrum of business, from Accountants, Business Analysts, Web Designers, IT Specialists, Retail Experts, Project Managers to Certified Internal Auditors. We will find the right person for the job. 

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We despise spam - we will never send you unsolicited content nor give out your personal details.